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Westside Orthodontics has a highly-trained orthodontic team in Westlake and Lakewood, Ohio, with a specialized experience to give your family the expert-level treatment you deserve in a fun, friendly, and warm environment perfect for the entire family. You can feel confident knowing that Westside Orthodontics utilizes the most modern technologies to ensure the utmost safety and comfort throughout your family’s visit.


Westlake Orthodontics

29143 Center Ridge Rd, Westlake, OH 44145

(440) 899 6600

Lakewood Orthodontics

15700 Madison Ave, Lakewood, OH 44107

(216) 521 9944

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I believe everyone deserves a smile they love: one that’s healthy, beautiful, and brimming with confidence. That’s why I strive to form a partnership with each patient and their family, and work toward the shared goal of a lifetime of radiant smiles. Whether I’m treating a child, parent, or grandparent, I know I’m helping them. It’s a joy to watch a patient move through orthodontic treatment. Many times, patients start orthodontics feeling self-conscious about their appearance. They can be uncomfortable talking with others and are often shy and withdrawn. As a patient sees their teeth move into correct position, and the change in how they look, they begin to blossom. By the time we are done, my patients have great self-esteem and smile without worry!


My team members are the backbone to the success of our office. Not only are they well trained, with 150 years of combined experience; they are committed to providing the best care to each patient. My team members realize the importance of remembering patients’ names, and strive to make a connection with everyone involved in the treatment process. We have created an orthodontic practice where our patients’ comfort and goals come first. Through individualized treatment plans, education, and support, we create amazing smiles and happy patients! My Doctorate of Dental Surgery was awarded at Case Western Reserve University. I stayed at Case Western for my orthodontic residency and Master of Science in dentistry. That education gave me an excellent foundational knowledge of modern orthodontic care. However, this is a constantly evolving specialty. Advances in technique, along with new technologies and materials, all mean more comfortable care, more efficient treatment, and even stronger results. Each year I complete many hours of continuing orthodontic education. This ensures I am up to date on changes and my patients are receive the right care for their new smiles. I grew up in Novelty and still live here.


My life is shared with my wife Anna, son Michael, and our two yellow labs, Tucker and Tate. When I’m not working, time with my family is a priority. You can also often find me on the tennis court or out on the golf links.

Dr. Reid Wenger

Orthodontist & Affiliate Partner