the start

How we began

In 2019, our cofounders came together to create a robust orthodontic platform. They combined their expertise in the healthcare, consumer, retail, and tech industries to make myOrthos the best it can be. We are a competitive force focused purely on helping independent orthodontists provide excellent care and smiles for all.


myOrthos has a history of growth

Since myOrthos was founded in 2019, we have expanded to more than 50 practices in multiple states.

We're passionate about the continued success of our doctors and staff

Orthodontists in 12 states
Full-time employees
annual patient visits
stars average Google review

We live and work by our values

People First

We're a people business, and we prioritize a supportive and fulfilling work environment for all.


We are highly selective in who we hire and partner with in order to cultivate the best team.


We present options, not plans, to doctors, and we are committed to preserving what makes your practice unique.


We seek insight from our doctors regularly and continue to build a strong knowledge base.


We invest in studies, data, and technology that will help make our practices even better.

myOrthos is committed to social responsibility

  • Improving healthcare

    Our patients are happy. All our offices have a Google rating of 4.7 stars or higher, with 82% having 4.9 or 5 stars.

  • Community engagement

    We are pillars of the community. We support local communities through school sponsorships, community events, and charitable partnerships.

  • Employee support

    We take care of our people. We have an Employee Assistance Fund and Program to support all our teammates.

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

    Everyone has a voice. Our teams are diverse by gender, race, and ethnicity so that everyone is seen and heard.

Establishing a new standard for diversity

43% of the Executive Leadership Team at myOrthos is diverse by gender or ethnicity

Our Locations

We focus exclusively on orthodontists in the East Coast, Mid-Atlantic, and Midwest