Where we shine

Operational Support

Human Resources

Our team handles all levels of employee onboarding, staffing, and people management of your practice, along with other comprehensive benefits.

Marketing & Communications

Our marketing experts create a customized strategic marketing plan to set your practice up for success.


We implement the latest and greatest technology and train your team on how to use it.


We handle the financial element of your practice, from payroll to taxes, compliance, and insurance.


Clinical Independence

You have control over the clinical decisions and patient care at your practice.

Training & Development

We offer continuing education to develop the skills and talent of our team members as they further their careers and excel in their areas of expertise.

Work-Life Balance

Our team handles the business side of your practice, giving you more time to spend outside the office doing what you love.

Community Support

We are dedicated members of the local community and have our own strong community of like-minded professionals.


Legacy & Succession Planning

We help you put a plan in place for your practice long-term.

Financial Partnership

We work on deal structures that support your personal and professional goals. We also offer an equity participation program.

Investment in Your Practice

We invest time, money, operational support, modern technology, and more to support the growth of your practice.

Effortless alignment

  • 1


    myOrthos team members will visit your practice to meet your team and learn more about your practice firsthand. We will collaborate to develop transition and growth plans.

  • 2


    myOrthos team members will begin to integrate our workflows and processes. We will provide training on these workflows and processes. The myOrthos team will implement a marketing plan customized to your practice.

  • 3


    myOrthos team members will provide ongoing support on processes and programs. We will continue to iterate on our methods to position the practice for long-term strategic growth.

What's next for your practice?