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    MyOrthos is next generation orthodontist platform.  Our mission is to support orthodontic independence and individualized patient care with a scalable business infrastructure. We are an OSO, an orthodontic service organization, and the only orthodontist-only dental service organization in the Northeast. MyOrthos is backed by capital partners with over $20 billion in assets under management and experience investing in half a dozen dental and orthodontic service, technology and device companies.

    We partner with orthodontists who share our core values through an acquisition model:

    Open communication 

    Respect for clinical autonomy and accountability

    Timely, quality, individualized care

    Honesty and integrity in all actions

    On target performance 

    Satisfied patients, staff and providers   

    We provide support to our practice partners through:​

    • Marketing 

    • Orthodontist and staff recruitment and training

    • Office management

    • Billing and collections

    • Information technology 

    • Capital management

    • Succession planning