Benefits of Joining

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Clinical Excellence and Autonomy

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Enhance Patient Satisfaction

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Be a Market


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Maximize Scale

Leverage back office support to alleviate burden of administrative tasks while maintaining clinical autonomy

Offer patient financing flexibility and expand service offerings

Access to capital and professional resources to optimize overhead, increase production and lower costs

Realize increased growth with the support of a corporate platform to market your personal practice

Opportunity to be an early mover in the consolidation of orthodontics as part of an orthodontic-only platform


I think the philosophy of myOrthos, of maintaining the clinical autonomy of the orthodontist, is so different than that of any of the other DSOs or OSOs that are out there. 

In other groups, clinicians have to conform to the treatment modalities of that group. myOrthos is totally different. 

Northing has changed in my office, other than having this awesome management team that helps me treat patients and see patients and be more efficient. 

Dr. Sal Manente

Manente Orthodontics

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