Meet The Clinical Board

Meet myOrthos Clinical Board of Directors! The Board is peer nominated, doctor-elected and doctor led. Unveiled internally in December 2021, the Board is now active, with quarterly read outs and monthly working sessions. Each Director supports a core area of focus and is paired with one to two myOrthos team members for cross collaboration of clinical and operational expertise. This addition to clinical leadership is a meaningful milestone toward myOrthos’ company goal of being the premiere partner for Orthodontists and their supporting teams.  


Dr. Salvatore Manente, Manente Orthodontics, serves as Director of Clinical Quality, Compliance, and Excellence. His role is to establish and oversee a peer-review quality program and be the go-to leader for clinical quality in the organization. He is paired with Elizabeth Campbell, Founder and CEO of myOrthos. In addition to his partnership with myOrthos, Dr. Manente serves as the current delegate chair of NESO (Northeastern Society of Orthodontics) and past president of the New York State Society of Orthodontists and past president of the Northeastern Society of Orthodontists (NESO).

Director of Clinical Quality, Compliance & Excellence

Dr. Salvatore Manente

Dr Stephen Labbe.jpg

Dr. Stephen Labbe, Labbe Family Orthodontics, is partnered with Tyler Russell (Co-Founder and SVP of Business Development) and Kristy Barker (VP of Marketing) to serve as Director of Growth and New Patient Experience. In his role, he will support and expand the growth initiatives within myOrthos partner offices and in expanding their footprint for new partnerships. An experienced leader, having practiced for 30+ years in Maryland, Dr. Labbe understands the importance of “a well-balanced marketing plan that focuses on DDS referrals, patient referrals, community involvement, and digital marketing.”

Director of Growth & New Patient Experience

Dr. Stephen Labbe

Dr. Ashley Acevedo, CT Braces, serves as Director of Clinical Education, Training and Recruitment. Together, with Betsy Mulvey (VP of Human Resources) and John Studley (Director of Provider Relations), she will create and carry out a robust clinical training and education program for Orthodontists and clinical staff. Dr. Ashley shares myOrthos’ core value of putting people and patients first and says, “New doctor recruitment is an important aspect in the continued growth and strength of myOrthos.”


Director of Clinical Education, Training & Recruitment

Dr. Ashley Acevedo

Dr Natalie Miller.jpg

Dr. Natalie Miller, Labbe Family Orthodontics, serves as Director of Technology and Vendor Relations. Together with Alex Pirrotta (Sr. VP of Finance) and Vlade Dimovski (VP of Information Technology), her role is to evaluate new technology, support pilot programs and optimize vendor relationships. Dr. Miller says, “I appreciate the fundamental role that technology plays in optimizing our day-to-day operations and believe we must keep up with the rapidly evolving advancements in technology to stay competitive and boost productivity.”

Director of Technology & Vendor Relations

Dr. Natalie Miller

Dr. Domenic Mazzocco, of Hanover and South Shore Orthodontics, was elected to the role of Director of Operational Excellence. Partnered with Shinto Chakuncal (Chief Operating Officer) and Casey Lonabocker (Sr. Director of Operational Transformation and Integration), Dr. Mazzocco’s focus is optimizing practice efficiency—something he understands well from his 30+ years of practice. But he also understands that metrics don’t replace the people-first mission of myOrthos. He says, “It’s important to be flexible enough to realize that metrics are a good tool but patients are the ultimate reason we are in practice.”


Director of Operational Excellence

Dr. Domenic Mazzocco