In Cincinnati, Ohio, Grace Kerr Orthodontics offers gentle, effective care that creates beautiful, healthy smiles for our patients. Dr. Grace Kerr and her exceptional staff offer braces, Invisalign, and several other orthodontic treatments. The team at Grace Kerr Orthodontics firmly believes they are there to serve you, not the other way around.

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Dr. Grace Kerr

Helping patients is a natural extension of who I am, and I feel lucky to play this important role in the lives of such wonderful people. It’s rewarding to give someone the gift of improved health and a beautiful smile, and I do everything in my power to make every patient smile right here in my office. As an orthodontist, I recognize that each person has different needs, both clinical and personal. Whether I am working with a child, teen, or adult, I focus on that person and who they are as an individual. By talking with them, and building a rapport, I’m best able to develop the essential connection that will ensure they enjoy their orthodontic experience and their new, incredible smile. I believe the positive experiences our patients enjoy in the practice encourage them to take an active role in taking good care of their smiles for the rest of their lives.


I’m passionate about continuing education (CE) and know it’s an essential part of my responsibility as an oral healthcare provider. By remaining current on developing technologies and changes in treatment processes, I am able to continue to deliver to my patients the best care experience, and the strongest results. I regularly attend local, regional, and national meetings and conferences, and participate in webinar events, as well as read the latest research findings.


I have a wonderful husband and two terrific children. They are my greatest joy and my deepest pride. When not working or spending time with my family, I enjoy working out, long bike rides and needlepointing. I am an avid reader and some of my favorite books include "Memoirs of a Geisha," "Plainsong" and "The Book of Eleven." I love to participate in various volunteer projects. I’ve traveled to South Africa and New Orleans for mission trips as well as served as a longtime Sunday School teacher. I am involved in my church, the Freestore Foodbank and 1N5, a mental health advocacy organization. My deepest passion, however, is to build into other people so that they recognize their worth in this world. THIS is important to me. I think it is the way I best contribute to making this world a better one.

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Dr. Mariana Levy

My profession is a big part of who I am as a person. I express myself in what I do, providing gentle orthodontic care that helps each person develop a healthy and beautiful smile. When a person’s teeth are straight and properly aligned, not only do they have a more attractive smile, but their bite is improved, which means less long-term health issues as a result of malocclusion. I’m not only improving smiles, but a person’s health, too!


I’ve been practicing orthodontics for many years, and yet am still enthralled by the transformation that occurs with each patient. Not only does their appearance gradually change, but each person changes, too. Watching a person move from being ashamed of their teeth and hiding their smile to being confident in their appearance and smiling and laughing with confidence, never grows old. I see that every day. It’s incredible! I love building relationships with each person in my care, based on trust and respect. I want them to know they are always welcome and safe, and I want them to feel comfortable talking with me, too. I enjoy spending my days creating smiles that result in positive changes for people who’ve become my friends.


Each year I complete many hours of continuing education courses. With constant changes in orthodontic treatment processes, emerging technologies, and new materials becoming available, it’s essential I remain current. My patients trust me to provide them with the widest array of proven treatment options, and continuing education ensures I am able to do so. By attending national, regional, and local orthodontic conferences and seminars, I have the opportunity to study under the best in orthodontics. By keeping abreast of the latest research findings and ongoing discussions of treatment methodologies, through various professional journals, I stay at the forefront of professional knowledge.


I’m originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Being with my two children, Julia and Leandro, is my priority outside of work. I volunteer at Julia’s school; she’s autistic and attends a special school for autistic children. When I have the time, I love playing the guitar, exploring the outdoors, and escaping into a good book. I’m also very active and enjoy many sports.